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The site offers exciting features to mingle with beautiful Latin ladies by chatting or sending personal emails for FREE as the first step to make your online personals connection to meet Colombian women or even Latin singles around your neighborhood.

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It is easy to meet these lovely ladies and you can start by filling up your profile information, a brief summary of what type of lady you are searching for and submit your best photo to attract these Colombian girls or women. And it’s done. The next step is to check out on the list of results provided by the site’s matchmaking list and see if these Colombian girls can jive with your taste and interests. Then start to mingle with these beautiful ladies by sending emails or invite them for a chat to break the ice.

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You are now starting to make connections with thousands of beautiful sexy Latin women that interest your “taste” and start finding the Colombian bride of your dreams. What’s best for is that we offer dating tours where you can have the chance to meet these lovely girls and everything in this site is for FREE!

Other dating agencies will charge you with thousand’s of dollars out of your pocket. That is where we excel since we organize exciting and fun pack events exclusively for singles free of charge. Well, obviously, you must pay for your own drinks and it is the least that you can do while having the best gigs in town!

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We are proud to announce that we are the only site in Latin America that can deliver text messages straight to the cell phones of any of the exotic Colombian, Latin or Cali girls who are registered members of our site. Amazed? Well, we pamper our members to the extreme and make it easy for them to contact anyone, anytime and anywhere in Latin America. Messages sent through PC penetration is only 4% compared to 98% penetration rates for cell phones. You can instantly send and receive messages to the girls you want to communicate with.

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Gorgeous Colombian Women – Your Dream Partner for a Lifetime

Colombia gives you the wonderful opportunity to meet gorgeous and family-oriented women in South America. can help you find the best Colombian women for marriage that you have been dreaming of. These Colombian women are known over the world for their splendid beauty and amazing personalities, aside from their overall personality for being stunning, pretty, graceful, diverse and family-oriented women.

There is a wide choice of captivating Colombian women to choose from and within the vicinity where you live in: Medellin, Bogota, Cali and Carthahena to name a few. More men finds these Colombian beauties a major sort of good hunting since these Colombian girls are always desperate to meet the man of their dreams and physical features are not important as long as the men they meet have good characteristics and a plus for these ladies if you are a foreigner.

Beautiful Latin women leave a sensuous effect on men. Most men are attracted with their perfectly-shaped body, great color skin, their overall beauty, sensual charming voice and their amazing sheep-like, loving temper. What more will you look for? These ladies have it all and perfectly fit as your partner in life.

Dating Characteristics of Latin Women

Another exquisite character for these beautiful Latin women is that they are accustomed to do anything just to please their dating partner and even more, with their loved one. This wonderful trait has been a part of most Latin women’s personality when dating that has earned respect with all their acquaintances and the effect of this good characteristic brought numerous possibilities in finding their perfect partner in a short period of time.

Only the most caring and sincere women are allowed to join dating agencies. Translators are always at their client’s effort if he and his dweller girl cannot see each other. Colombian dating sites like helps singles in Colombia seek out and encounter locals within the country. Screening process is part of our dating facilities that enable us to help you meet wonderful Colombian women that perfectly fits with your personal profile.

Colombian Women - Best of the Best

Many times we are asked: "Why do most international connections choose to represent only Colombian women and do business only in Colombia?", was it was for their beauty? Obviously, the answer to this is “Yes”. But let us not consider the outer-beauty Colombian women possess. They also have an inner-beauty (good character upbringing) that cannot be compared to any other women in the world and that is a fact.

Most Colombian women are also extremely feminine, romantic, faithful, home loving, traditional, well-educated, having high morals and strong family values. These Colombian women suitable for marriage are also professionals and with collage degrees. They are very kind hearted and very sincere. When you find compatibility with a girl from Colombia then you will be richly rewarded, should you decide to marry one since Colombian girls are considered as one of the most beautiful girls in the world.

Since time immemorial, statistics shows that there are more crowned Miss Universe winners that were Colombian women and if not given the opportunity to be crowned, the Colombian contestant still belongs to the top finalists.

Colombian women are also extremely feminine, romantic, faithful, home loving, traditional and educated having high morals and family values, many Colombian women that you will find available for marriage are professionals with collage degrees.

Unlike some American women that are more concerned with dating your checkbook and credit cards, the Colombian women are truly interested in who you are and what you are as a person. Many Colombian women prefer partners who are more mature than them, usually 10-12 years older than themselves; (see our advice, opinion, and reasons to stay within that age range below) they consider age to be a sign of maturity and stability. They are more interested in you as a person than they are your age and appearance! They seek the more important qualities such as honesty, stability, and sincerity. Give them that and you will be richly rewarded!! There is an over abundance of these high quality Colombian women in Bogotá.

What Colombian Women Search for in a Partner?

Most Colombian women are simply looking for a husband that will treat them with respect and as an equal partner and that will also be faithful. The male to female ratio in Colombia is about one male to five females. This is why many Colombian women are in their thirties and have never married and are without children! The Colombian women for marriage type are much different than what you may be accustomed to.

Age Doesn’t Matter for Colombian Women?

Above all, be honest and always be true to yourself. There is no need to be someone you are not, just to impress your future wife. She will not be treating you in this manner. They are aware that it will eliminate surprises later on and encounter future problems with the relationship.

With all that being said, now I will tell you about some of the downfalls that apply to meeting & dating ANY women from any foreign country, including Colombia.

The biggest percentage of your online meetings and in person meetings will be successful if you pay attention to warnings and danger signs.

About the age difference:

"We tell you that many Colombian women prefer older men (10-12 years older) than themselves."

We say this because historically, age difference is a vital factor to have a successful marriage. If you are really compatible in likes and dislikes, that can be stretched in some way.

To find an example of this, go to any mall, movie theater etc. Look around and search for any men accompanied by women. Are they with someone old enough to be their father or even as a grandfather? Probably the answer is NO. Here in Colombia, the same partners with age differences are normally seen most of the time. Just like in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Europe. But in a lot of cases, it's just some old geezer trying to impress some young “hottie” by buying her nice things and taking her to nice restaurants she could never afford.

Many agencies, middlemen, and address sellers will give you hype and impression that meeting a Colombian women 30 - 35 years younger for marriage is the norm, it's possible, but the chances of keeping her and not getting scammed is slim, VERY slim.

What is REAL from FAKE?

There is a high statistics result of women who have profiles online do accept a man at any age. Why? Was she that desperate to leave her country?

Some things to be aware of:

• Women online and in marriage agencies working several guys for money
• Women asking for money before you even meet them in person, either directly, or giving you a sob story about how rough her life is, knowing you might not be able to resist helping a sweet young thing in distress. (it should make you wonder how they survived before you came along)

The best way to protect yourself to be a victim from what I have stated above, is a no brainer, but few will listen.


Even after meeting a Colombian woman in person, except for small gifts, it best not to throw your money at her until there is some kind of commitment between the two of you. Even then you do not want to be a cash cow for her and her family.

If you have been communicating with any of the Colombian woman you met online or you have purchased her address somewhere in the net and you have plans to visit her, bringing a few small gifts is quite fine and normal, as long as it is not an engagement ring valued at five thousand dollars.

Colombian Family Wedding Tradition

Most of the Colombian women for marriage are of the Catholic faith, but are willing to accept a good man of another faith. You will find these ladies VERY TRADITIONAL. After you decide on the lady that is your ideal Latin life mate, you will be invited to her home to meet here family and friends.

Your Colombian woman will be very proud of her future life mate! Colombian women even as adults have and show much respect for their families. It is still a Colombian tradition to ask for a father’s blessing and for you to personally ask for his daughter’s hand to enter marriage. When asked, explain to her family that you are not taking their daughter away from them but your objective is to simply combining the two families together. Make them feel as welcome into your family, as they will make you more welcome into their family circle. Colombian Social Dating Experience

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